Working With The Inner Child – A six day training

With Marianne Hill


There are no dates set for the next time we will run this training. Please contact me if you wish to register your interest.


9.30am – 6.30pm each day (We meet for tea and coffee at 9.30am and the work starts formally at 10am each day.)


The Green Room, Frome, Somerset


£925 (This can be paid as a deposit of £200 and four monthly instalments of £181)

This training is for experienced practitioners wishing to work in a more embodied way with the Inner Child. This is deeply nourishing and healing work. In Healing The Shadow we find bringing care and attention to the Inner Child is essential for deep and integrated healing to take place. It is often the wounded Inner Child, starved of attention, who sabotages the changes the client is wishing to make in their lives.

We will spend time working deeply with the Inner Child, learning ways of inviting the client to step in and inhabit this vulnerable place in themselves, in a way where the child feels welcomed and safe. From here this child part can receive the love, care and understanding they need, and they can be integrated into the clients life in a loving way, rather than being banished and shamed for their ‘childish,’ ‘vulnerable’ or ‘immature’ ways.

The training is highly experiential. You will learn and practice the tools taught and you will also experience the work from a client’s perspective – you are invited to bring your own Inner Child into the training room, where they can have an experience of being heard and seen and receiving support and care.

I only take 4–6 participants on these trainings to allow for a high level of individualised learning and support for each participant. By the end of the three weekends you will have tools that you can take away and integrate into your own way of practicing. Support and supervision are available around this following the training if this is required.

To book a place please email Marianne for a registration form

Please Note: Working with the Inner Child is something we work on in detail in the two year Healing The Shadow practitioner training. The delicacy, tenderness and sheer delight of working with the Inner Child in all its forms – Free Child, Adapted Child, Wounded Child, Teenager – is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. Our training develops practitioners who are skilled and confident at working with these parts of the client’s psyche.

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