Two Year Training In Healing The Shadow

This training offers the opportunity to become a fully qualified Healing The Shadow practitioner.

Our innovative and exciting shadow work training is highly experiential and focuses on teaching powerful and effective techniques. This two year training gives you all the skills, tools, and knowledge which you will need to work deeply with the client’s shadows and to heal the wounded inner child.

We take a maximum of six trainees on each training. This allows for a high level of personal attention and guidance over the two years. We also ensure that, as a trainee, you have the opportunity to engage in the personal growth and development work needed to bring healing and awareness to your own shadows. This will enable you to work at the emotional depth required with your clients and for you to function as a confident, competent and safe practitioner.

We also offer a third year of training where you can learn the extra skills and competencies required for working with groups.

Throughout the training we work in-depth on exploring the relationship between client and practitioner, particularly exploring the techniques and qualities needed to create deeply healing relationships with your clients. We also focus on your relationship with yourself, and help you develop ways to to hold, guide and support yourself through the emotional and practical challenges of becoming a practitioner. That way, our qualified practitioners can not only facilitate clients safely and effectively, but can do so with joy, confidence and connection.

The next two year training starts in 2025. (The exact dates will be announced later in the year.)

Our Founders Marianne Hill and and Rod Boothroyd are both pioneers in the world of shadow work.

Marianne developed and ran the first-ever shadow work trainings for psychotherapists and counsellors, giving them the tools they need to bring shadow work safely and effectively into their practice. Marianne also created the hugely popular Six Month Journey model, which we now teach to our third year trainees.

This way of working has proved transformational for people who wish to make long term, sustainable changes in their lives. These journeys offer the opportunity to build deep and trusting relationships with the facilitators and the other participants on the journey. These relationships, alongside the shadow work itself, are deeply healing. More recently Rod and Marianne together have created the Year Journeys. These have proved similarly popular and extremely powerful.

If you are interested in this training, please email Marianne:

For further information about the training please visit: Healing The Shadow Training