What to expect in a group workshop

When working with the shadow we make use of the idea that we’re all made up of many different ‘parts’. 

People use this idea in everyday life when they say things like ‘Part of me would really love to stay, but the sensible part of me knows I should get going.’ These different parts can also be thought of as different ‘points of view’. Most of us are familiar with being able to hold two different points of view about the same problem. Whilst we know that in reality we are dealing with one whole human being, in shadow work we find the idea that we’re made up of different parts very helpful.

The Healing The Shadow work takes place on a carpet in the centre of the room.

The two facilitators will spend about 90 minutes with each participant. Other members of the group watch and support the process. The carpet is used to represent your ‘inner world’ and you are invited to symbolically represent different parts of yourself on this carpet. You choose members of the group to represent each part for you. These role players will say the exact words that you hear from this part and will adopt the posture and tone of voice that you describe, they don’t ad lib in any way – they are simply a blank screen for you to paint on.

You are then able to step back and watch the scene from the outside.

Through stepping back and watching from the outside you can see what needs to happen next. The whole process is guided by you and at every new step you chose which direction to take. We will explore the parts that you think are most relevant and find out more about what is going on. This way we build up a picture of what is going on in your inner world.  We can discuss the changes you might like to make to this scene and find a way for you to make these happen.

Bringing these changes about involves stepping on to the carpet and interacting with these parts.

For example: There may be a part you want to give comfort and support to, or a part you need to speak to or negotiate with. There may be a part you want to stand up to or set a boundary with, or there may be two parts that need to make peace with each other. The possibilities are endless, and as the client you will usually see clearly what is needed. The decision of what will happen and how it will happen is made by you, with the support and guidance of the facilitators as required.

Prior to this ‘Carpet Work’ the group will spend time getting to know each other.

This takes place through a variety of experiences exploring the shadow and the archetypes. these are done either one to one or in small groups, as well as participants sharing thoughts and feelings with the whole group. The facilitators will also talk about the Healing The Shadow process and spend time explaining things clearly so that people know everything they need to know in order to participate with confidence.