Group Shadow Work Workshop Testimonials

Client’s comments about Marianne and Rod

“Marianne and Rod are incredible masters at facilitation, instruction, holding the space and guiding us through what can be some of the deepest parts of ourselves. They are not only incredibly empathetic but also so well experienced and you cannot help but feel safe in their hands. Even after 6 months of intensive work I plan to continue with both of them on this journey of love and healing.”

Chris Koller – Six Month Journey participant 2018

“One of the most profound elements of the Healing The Shadow experience was the compassionate, accepting and authentic space that Marianne and Rod held, and the expertise with which they guided the process, responding intuitively and courageously in every moment.  I was aware from the depth of their compassion and the profound integrity of their behaviour that I was in the presence of two facilitators who had done much of their own personal work and this helped me trust them to guide me, which is significant as my mind often thinks it knows better!! I’m reaping the benefits in my life and wondering when I can continue my journey to go even deeper.”  

Rowena – Six Month Journey participant 2018

“The group became my long lost friends. And like long lost friends, we needed no apologies for our behaviour when we met, we picked up where we left off, graciously and flawlessly, sharing our life’s stories knowing they would be held safely and that we could all learn from each other. Under the masterful guidance of Marianne and Rod, I arrived at a place that I couldn’t imagine beforehand, feeling an inner peace I never thought was possible.”

Tim, Year’s Journey participant 2019

“I had attended a weekend shadow work workshop several years ago with Marianne and I knew from that weekend that a year’s journey with her would touch parts of me that I had not reached in my own healing journey before – and I have been journeying for some thirty years. 

Meeting Rod on the first day was so refreshing for me. He is a special kind of a man in terms of being totally in touch with his feelings, and very intuitive. To have two such talented, compassionate, safe, thorough, passionate, knowledgeable, wise, supportive and caring souls facilitating the year was truly transformational for me.”

Rowena J Ronson, Year’s Journey participant 2019

Six Month Journey – client comments

“I came to Healing The Shadow looking for more experiential psychological work, and that is exactly what I found!  Before the six month journey I did an individual piece of work with Marianne (5 hours), and experienced a profound shift in my awareness of the challenges in my life.  I knew among other things that I needed to learn how to be in my power, and how to set boundaries – my first thought was to do an assertiveness course, but Marianne suggested the six month journey, and I am so glad she did.  What I learned over the six month journey was aimed not only at my mind, but at my body and soul.  

As someone who has heavily identified with my intellect and historically tended to use it as the way to approach all my challenges, I needed something that didn’t rely solely on cognitive strategies as so many approaches do – the brilliant thing about shadow work is that it acknowledges the value of the intellect as one tool among many, and it helps you experience the value of many other tools, including engaging with emotions, the body and the intuition – it felt very balanced and integrative and engaged me on a far deeper level than talking therapy ever could have.

From the first session, I felt more able to believe in myself, negotiate my relationships more assertively, stop making excuses or over-explain myself, and I also began to understand myself and others in a far more nuanced and compassionate way, which influenced every aspect of my relationships.”  

Rowena – Six Month Journey participant 2018

“Working with you both in shadow work was extraordinarily powerful for me. The process was quite amazing, and has shifted some long held issues. It helped me to begin to really know and see those hidden inner parts that make the whole. I feel so much more accepting…,  shadow work has made  a very profound change in the way I perceive life ..…and my shadows seem to be becoming more my friends now, I’m not  so scared of being me for some reason!!!”

Diana (Women’s six month journey participant)

“Since the Six Month Shadow Work Journey I’m more able to see other people’s difficult behaviour as their pain in disguise, this has made me more compassionate than before. I also talk to myself much more kindly and am less critical of myself. It’s like I have become the ‘woman’ version of me as opposed to the ‘girl’. I have much less anger and when I still get those moments of anger, I am able to watch myself from the outside and say ‘Ahh that’s interesting, what’s really bugging you?’ ”

Nicola (Women’s six month journey participant)

Weekend Workshops – client comments

“Coming to the end of the weekend I felt big changes in myself. It felt like a big jump that I really understood and has lasted. It couldn’t have happened by reading a self-help book. What I learned about the high expectations of myself (& others) and the way I present myself without clear boundaries has impacted in my life every day. I’m working with my partner on all sorts of things and most days have really tough bits, but also a sense that it’s worth it. I believe the shadow work weekend was crucial to all this – it was the valve on the pressure cooker for me, so that I could interact with him without leaking anger and fear everywhere. I find myself with energy, directing it to areas of my life that have been neglected. As I write, I feel my personal power and direction.


“I left the weekend knowing that something big had happened but as the next week unfolded, the immenseness of the process and the affect it was having on my life became more and more clear!! Quite often when I have an amazing experience of a healing nature, I later question its power and reality, but this time, it has become more and more real as situations in my life occur and I see my pattern about to play out, am able to understand, and do things a different way!! So many things are tied into this from many different angles and it feels as if they are all gently being untied and released!”                                  


“I want to say thank you again. It feels like the last block has been removed and now all the energy for my projects and moving forward that had been bubbling under the surface not quite able to vent and find a way out, is able to surge onward and upwards! Things are flowing so much easier as though an unconscious plug has been removed! And when I come up against an uncomfortablity/fear, I don’t just panic, I recognise, understand and can reassure myself of what is happening and work through that!!!  It’s like magic!!! My dreams and aspirations seem much nearer to hand and much more available to me now!!! Thank you so much for helping me with this huge shift, I had no idea about what was holding me back!!! Much love and gratitude!!”                    


“I loved the attitude of the facilitators – fiercely perceptive, rigorous in execution, and yet always tender and compassionate, without being remotely sentimental.” 

Patrick (62)

“My shadow work was just so well held and felt so safe. I can’t believe how I was able to let myself go and really feel those held feelings, and let them go. It felt so respectful and contained and has left me feeling like a different person as a result. I have much more compassion for myself after this workshop and I am so grateful to you both for this gift.”


“Marianne; your graciousness and intuition are astounding to watch. You led with a fluidity and cohesiveness that felt continuously safe and full of direction and I often felt speechless with the results.”

Kirstie Yelland, Psychotherapy student

“Thank you for your soulful, mindful presence which held the weekend in such safety and integrity. I was very challenged by the thought of doing shadow work in a group, yet you created a container in which much-needed energy shifts could happen naturally and in which I felt safe to dig up my deepest shadows. Diving into the challenge of exposing my deepest shame and guilt within a group has released a process in which I am receiving new levels of insight through dreams and other work. Hopefully I am becoming less armoured and more open-hearted.”  


“This was a challenging, intense and powerful experiential weekend workshop. Both facilitators provided a very safe, secure and respectful environment, enabling participants the opportunity to introduce and explore major issues affecting their lives. There was no pressure placed on any participant and it was left entirely with them on how to proceed. This was a very emotionally stimulating workshop and am happy to recommend it for anyone looking for some answers to some of the big issues affecting their lives.”   

Bruce M.

“I felt that together you created a very safe space for people to work within, and I had complete trust in the way you facilitated the work. Everything was clearly and calmly explained, this seemed particularly important given the deep nature of everyone’s work. I really marveled at how skillfully and seamlessly you both guided each person. I was left wondering how something so gently and gracefully delivered can be so incredibly powerful.”

Rebecca, artist

Authentic Communication – Client Comments

“A Life changing 2 days that will rewire your behaviour and judgements. It gave me a tool to easily and quickly work out what I want in any difficult situation. My partner and I have turned a huge corner of difficulty very easily and naturally. There are no jargon words or scripts to follow. We feel back in ‘Flow” with so much joy. I personally feel this has been a miracle 2 day journey.”


“I found the workshop very powerful. The combination of communication skills with shadow work seems to get right to the heart of the matter: taking responsibility for ourselves. I have already experienced the positive outcome of this open relating through practising once since the workshop, and I am sure it is the key to resolving disputes at every level of human interaction.”

Sophie. Community Worker

“Thank you for a transformative couple of days. For me shadow work is an amazing tool. I find that it gives me clarity and the ability to see through my stuff and get to the bottom of what is actually happening for me. I find it transformative and always feel very held and looked after.”  


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