About Body Work

‘Listening in depth to another person’s body and being’

I studied at the Bristol School of Shiatsu where we learned to listen in depth to another person’s body and being, and to develop our intuitive awareness and sensitivity. Listening with both heart and hands I diagnose and respond in a way appropriate to each individual’s needs to allow a deep level of healing.

‘Each session is uniquely tailored’

Shiatsu is an ancient form of healing which works closely with the Chinese energy meridian system. This involves the precise location and use of acupressure points and the treatment of the appropriate energy pathways, all guided by the powerful theory and imagery of the oriental medical system. Shiatsu is seen as both a science and an art. A range of techniques is used, from gentle holding, hand pressure and the use of acupressure points, through to strong slow stretches and deeply releasing pressure. Sessions vary from person to person and from week to week. Some sessions may be very physical and enlivening, others may be still and deeply relaxing. I incorporate shiatsu into my body work along with imagery, metaphor, visualisation and parts work. Each session is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the individual client in that moment.

‘A profound sense of relaxation’

The energy meridians represent the whole person and therefore encompass body, mind and spirit. No two people will experience body work in the same way, however many people find it induces a profound sense of relaxation.

‘Our bodies can store our unconscious “shadow” feelings’

When events generate feelings that are too painful or overwhelming to be experienced these feelings can become stored in our bodily tissues. Here they may cause pain, discomfort, numbness or other symptoms. As time goes on we can develop a greater capacity to hold and process these powerful emotions, and at some point we may be ready to release them from our body in a safely held way.

‘Release emotion through the body’

In a session you might experience powerful emotions surfacing, which may have been held deep within the body for many years. We can talk about what is going on for you and find safe ways to release this emotion. Working with this can be a significant part of the healing process, moving blockages and allowing energy to flow more freely.

‘Parts of us can speak up through the body’

Our bodies may speak to us if we take the time to listen. In a shiatsu session we can focus on the parts of your body that are calling your attention and listen to the messages they have for you. This is a form of embodied shadow work.

‘An opportunity to explore patterns and behaviours’

Our everyday lives can contribute to blockages and imbalances in our energy. Time is available in the session to look at how this may be happening for you. We can explore patterns and behaviours that may be stopping your energy flowing freely and preventing you from fully living your life.