Healing the Shadow – A Year’s Journey

With Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd

We offer this unique Journey in Healing the Shadow to people experienced in personal development work who want to make a long term commitment to their personal growth.

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This journey is a series of six two day workshops where each participant will have the opportunity to do a full piece of individual facilitated work on each workshop.

Our experience shows us that six facilitated sessions of personal work interspersed with several weeks for assimilation can produce significant leaps in self-insight and the integration of shadow parts, resulting in an increased capacity for intimacy with others and greater power and presence in the world.

This is potentially life-changing work, and is ideal for those who are dedicated to achieving sustainable change in their inner and outer lives.

Days run from 9.30am – 6.30pm. The venue is The Green Room, Keyford, Frome, Somerset  BA11 1PJ.

The cost for this journey is based on a three tier system to accommodate people from a range of financial backgrounds. Following a deposit payment of £200 twelve monthly instalments are payable. We ask that you place yourself on the correct tier for yourself at the moment:

Tier 1  £116 per month

Tier 2  £133 per month

Tier 3  £148 per month

The deposit of £200 is payable on booking. The first monthly payment is due on December 1st 2019.

I am running these workshops with Rod Boothroyd. Rod brings a wealth of experience to this work. He has worked extensively with men’s groups over the last 9 years and currently runs emotional process workshops for men in London. He has completed a four year training in integrative psychotherapy and works with individual clients using a mixture of psychotherapy, counselling and Shadow Work techniques.

Below is some feedback from participants of the 2019 Year’s Journey:

“Before I began the Shadow Work year’s journey, I had many loops that played out in my mind, half finished conversations, trails of emotion that left me feeling anything from bereft to insecure. During the journey I was able to reframe those loops and to finish the conversations and to honour the feelings of grief and shame and explore their origins. The group became my long lost friends. And like long lost friends, we needed no apologies for our behaviour when we met, we picked up where we left off, graciously and flawlessly, sharing our life’s stories knowing they would be held safely and that we could all learn from each other. Under the masterful guidance of Marianne and Rod, I arrived at a place that I couldn’t imagine beforehand, feeling an inner peace I never thought was possible.” Tim

“Meeting Rod on the first day was so refreshing for me. He is a special kind of a man in terms of being totally in touch with his feelings, and very intuitive. I had already attended a weekend with Marianne and to have two such talented, compassionate, safe, thorough, passionate, knowledgeable, wise, supportive and caring souls facilitating the year was truly transformational for me. Working deeply in our group in a comfortable, safe and boundaried space with wonderful like- minds, all keen to explore their deepest wounds, and being held by two professionals with hearts of gold – I cannot recommend this year more highly.” Rowena Jade Ronson

To book on to the Year’s Journey please email Marianne for a registration form: