Authentic Communication Workshops

With Marianne Hill

(The dates of the next workshop will be published here.)

This course runs with a maximum of six participants.

The cost is £230

This workshop offers an in depth exploration of the way you communicate and how your shadows may be affecting your communication.  You will learn and practice a powerful communication framework which gives you the tools to communicate with confidence, authenticity and depth. For more information about the Authentic Communication framework please see the Authentic Communication page.

“A Life changing 2 days that will rewire your behaviour and judgements. It gave me a tool to easily and quickly work out what I want in any difficult situation. My partner and I have turned a huge corner of difficulty very easily and naturally. There are no jargon words or scripts to follow. We feel back in ‘Flow” with so much joy. I personally feel this has been a miracle 2 day journey.” KR

“I found the workshop very powerful. The combination of communication skills with shadow work seems to get right to the heart of the matter: taking responsibility for ourselves. I have already experienced the positive outcome of this open relating through practising once since the workshop, and I am sure it is the key to resolving disputes at every level of human interaction.” Sophie. Community Worker

“Thank you for a transformative couple of days. For me shadow work is an amazing tool. I find that it gives me clarity and the ability to see through my stuff and get to the bottom of what is actually happening for me. I find it transformative and always feel very held and looked after.”  Tasha

To book on to this weekend please email Marianne for a registration form: